Video Updates

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Outreach to Leaders

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Solitude Place had the opportunity over the last few months to send five pastors and their wives away for some rest. These leaders reside in Charlotte and Forest City, N.C., and Myrtle Beach, S.C. We have also been able to host several missionaries by utilizing local lodging and partnering with other like-minded ministries. Of course, we continue to provide counseling and encouragement to other leaders by phone, in person, or via Skype as needed. God continues to open the doors of ministry to us each month.

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Time to Rake the Leaves

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Fall is one of the most beautiful times in North Carolina, although we do love it here year-round. People flock from all over the U.S. to witness the beauty of leaves changing their colors. Those of us who live here also enjoy the painting of colorful landscape, but we must rake up the leftover mess in our yards long after the visitors have returned home. The color-rich deciduous trees are headed into a barren time without the beauty and provision of their green foliage. Dropping their leaves actually helps them to survive the cold, dry, and harsh winter. Beautifully green one moment, then...

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